The Taste Bud Xpress..

People who love to eat are always the best people.”- Julia child.

Spicy!  Sweet ! Sour!  Bitter ! Cheesy !  are some of the words associated with gastronomical experience.

Welcome to The Taste Bud express, this is a  blog by two friends who are obsessed with food, whose very tentacles of friendship are deep rooted in food and adventures related with it.

IMG_20150118_133415~2~2cropped-wp_004624.jpgThis blog’s soul is immersed in trying out different cuisines and of course trying out the recipes. While the blog was conceived in our heads a long time back, laziness and “life” took a lot of time to put words on paper and to finally publish on our blog.

Starting out from simple pasta casseroles to “complex” dishes whose names we still can’t pronounce, here is  a hope, that you too will enjoy reading the blog and share the same enthusiasm for food. As a starting note, we would like to thank our family, friends for bravely eating our experiments, pushing us to extend our boundaries and encouraging us to cook and eat more. I guess the only aftereffects of eating a lot is that you put on weight..but more on that later, in a new blog post.

 We would also like to mention a note of inspiration to the movie- “Julie & Julia”, where Julia conquers our hearts with butter, cream and her passion for cooking. Dear Julia Child, this blog is partly due to you. Thank you.

For now once again, welcome to our culinary adventures. And here now I pass the holy baton of writing this shared blog post to my friend, the “food mate”

An ode to food : Road to my soul

If food is your biggest religion, you belong to us,IMG_20150215_184418~2 (1)

If thinking about food rejuvenates & freshens you up, you belong to us,

If you can never get enough of the aroma of your fav.spices, you belong to us!

In spite of a damn busy schedule, if you can find out time for experimenting with your fav ingredients, you belong to us !

If cooking is your meditation, you belong to us,

If you enjoy playing and experimenting with the flavors, you belong to us,

If cooking is your obsession, you belong to us !

If you have the madness and taste bud for good food, you belong to us,

If the road to your soul is good food, you belong to us !

Yes my dear readers, you belong to us. And if in your head, you are singing right now “you belong with me” by Taylor swift then you definitely belong to us. May the shine of good food shine on us forever.

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”- Ruth Reich


26 thoughts on “The Taste Bud Xpress..

  1. OMG.. I didn’t see the last line…. but I actually started singing “You belong with Me” reading your Ode… 🙂 I guess that’s what food does to us.. 🙂

    1. This is it !! That’s what food is all about. Thank for your comment. We look forward to your future comments & advice in our culinary journey.

  2. As it is rightly said “Part of secret of success in life is to eat what you like” , it is indeed an impressive blog ‘coz its about good food. In expectancy of more delicious details..

  3. Yummy, Delicious, this were first expression ..Wow…!! I really belong to you guys.Wonderful start and ofcourse your this foody journey is goin to wonderful experimenting various kind of food and giving us recipes. Waiting for ur first recipe…Good luck 4 future. 🙂

  4. I am consistently plagued by the I’m-Still-Hungry dilemma anytime I eat lettuce wraps or raw sugar. Now you can judge me. I am glad you guys starting this blog together and hope it will grow and make this country FAT :-). Apart from Indian cuisines hope you guys touch new horizons. I just love Tuscany recipes and their food. Though I never tasted Tuscany. There are two things that make me happy. One is Eating and cooking. Enjoy your kitchen ladies 🙂

  5. Yo Gals!!! Amazing start. We belong to the same community. Food is God, religion love what not. Good job pening down all this together and sharing with so many foodies… All the best Gals.

  6. Thats an amazing start…Hope to come back to search for those mouth watering dishes you want people like me to try out 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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