Burger-Soul food

There are two kinds of burger people in the world. One- Those who like burgers and second-those who lie that they don’t like burgers. We definitely come in the first category.

After much brainstorming and healthy doses of laziness we came to a happy conclusion that the next post will be dedicated to the ever appetizing, satisfying burger.

Almost each one of us have a happy memory associated with burger. Do you remember the burger you had for the first time. For some of us, it might be a burger from Macdonalds or may be a burger from a local fast food joint. Whatever the drooling memory might be, but the melting cheese, crispy patty, crunchy, sweet sour slices of onions, tomatoes with side of generous coleslaw and potato wafers are sure shot way to heaven.


And we are extremely sorry for the delay in the post. The draft is lying in the folder for almost two months and the burger was made few moons ago. With passage of time, one does realize that if you don’t give importance to time, time will never give importance to you. (this has been majorly my fault-Shweta)

So without much further ado, we present you veggie burger.

Veggie Burger (Adapted from the ideas zooming around in our head)

Serves 3 (makes 6 veggie burger- comfortably. On second thoughts do you really want to share it)

Weekdays\night lunch or dinner

Drinks to go with :- Ice Tea, Ginger ale, Strawberry milk shake

Ingredients :-

6 burger buns (they can be plain buns, whole wheat buns or multi grain)

McCain Veggie Patties ( packet contains 6)

2 medium onions sliced into rings

2 tomatoes -thinly sliced

6 washed cabbage leaves

3 tablespoon mayonnaise

3 tablesppon red paprika cheese spread

3 tablespoon tomato ketchup

6 cheese slice

Method :-

To marinate onions :-

Mix onion with salt, pepper and a dash of red chilli powder. Put them aside for 10 minutes.


2. Slice the buns horizontally into half and toast them on a hot griddle till they turn golden brown and put them aside till further use.


3. Shallow fry the patties, till they are golden brown.


Assemble the burgers :

  1. Take one halve toasted bun and slather it generously with mayonnaise.PhotoGrid_1442943066756
  2. Take one cabbage leaf and put on top of mayonnaise slathered side of bun.
  3. Spread tomato ketchup on cabbage leaf.
  4. Put a marinated onion slice on cabbage.
  5. Put one maccain veggie patty on one side of bun.
  6. Spread generously red paprika cheese spread on one side of veggie patty.
  7. Take a cheese slice and put on top of patty.
  8. Finally take the other halved bun and place on top of the cheese slice.
  9. Voila !! the burger is now ready !

Cheat’s Version :-

  1. This burger is a cheat’s version of paradise : )

Verdict :- 

We loved it. Sometimes during lunch, the conversation draws around this burger. It was soul food. The each bite of crunchy veggie patty and the subtle hints of mayonnaise, cheese spread, onions & the crisp of cabbage leaf. All we wanted to do was to eat this burger and not talk. Which was what we did eventually.

Next time, veggie patty will be home made and perhaps a cream based sauce to spread on burger.

And yes, we are terribly late in posting this. Life, Laziness took us over & we became apparantely slaves to our montonous lives. Which again brings me to a thought, that what do you gentle readers do to break your routine and rejoice life. Do share your thoughts.

This draft was written over a lengthy period of time at irregular intervals. Songs played during the writing of this post were from Gangs of Wasseypur (crazy, right), Dhaani, Rockon and also insane amount of crazy thoughts ricocheting in head and watching Julie & Julia.

We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.-Erica Durance


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